Join million dollar business coach Samantha Siffring, as well as thousands of other women entrepreneurs for our 6th annual Design 2023: your free guide to planning & goal setting for the new year.

You will be guided through a process of setting goals and mapping out specifically how you will do it - plus we will give you all the secrets for how to actually follow through on your plans and hit the goals you set.
You belong here if:
  • you are serious about committing to yourself, showing up, and doing the work
  • you’re ready to challenge yourself to grow and test your limits
  • you have hope next year can be different, but have no idea how to make that happen
  • you have big dreams you might be a little nervous to share because they seem *too* big
The Details:
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WHAT: Design 2023- 5 day, highly interactive annual business planning event for women entrepreneurs
WHEN: December 12 - 16, 12:30 - 1:30 pm Eastern/11:30 - 12:30 pm Central (it's not too late to join - session recordings will be available to all who register!)
WHERE: Daily live sessions will take place virtually via Zoom, but will also be broadcasted live in the Online Business Building Mamas Facebook Group.
COST: $0. Design 2023 is a free event!

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Here's what a few of our past attendees had to say...
"Because I work days, I have not been able to show up live for Design 2022 most days, so tonight, I was trying to catch up and be able to go live for the final day tomorrow. As I am rewatching the lives, I get a notification...I HAVE BEEN CHOOSEN TO SPEAK AT AN EVENT HALFWAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY IN JUNE!!!!!!
This is not something I was really planning to do yet but has manifested by finding where my clients are and telling them how I can help! This notification feels so 'planets align' to me for so many reasons... I am feeling so legitimized as a business and an expert in my niche. As well as so supported by my fiancé! I have never been so excited to bring in a new year, but 2022? It'll be MY YEAR!!

"I've been doing the homework each day but watching the replays as I couldn't attend live this week. I just wrapped the Day 2 video and had to thank Samantha for the amazing analogy of having a belief that's a 10 for wanting to become a mom and good parent without actually having a plan. This is the exact same way I should be thinking about my business and its inevitable success. Just believing that I was committed at a 10 to become a mom and good parent was enough to follow through on the goal and I made up the how as I went along. (I am still making up the how as I go but after 12 years, I am confident I am a great mom and live in the belief of that daily.)"

"I started to see what might be possible with an online business for me in a real way. I finally saw someone talking about business that also had kids and a life and wasn’t a workaholic. Because I saw what was available for me I finally made a plan that felt right. I had always tried to fit myself into the mold of every other white man business owner. It was refreshing to dream big while also considering my real actual life. I’m a different person than I was a year ago in so many ways!"
"Oh boy! I had just got out of a MM & Design 2021 was like a breath of fresh air! I felt so much lightness and freedom to make my own rules. I signed up for M2CEO before the design week was even done. Once in M2CEO I made my investment back in less than 2 weeks!! 🤩 Design was soooo much fun and I’m so glad I decided to become one of Samantha’s “weirdos”! 🎉😆"
"I created 3 intentional hours a week in my planner that is dedicated to connecting to more client rich environments that I can contribute value to 🙏🏻Thanks for all the thought provoking info."

"I am LOVING Samantha's coaching, energy, and sweet heart. I am INSPIRED!!
I am feeling *safe* to be open in this space"

"I learned the best lesson of having to make my action plan from the mindset of the person who had already succeeded! Thank you!"

"I realized my dream isn’t so big and scary when I break it down into actionable baby steps."

"Design is the Samantha gateway drug (and everyone should take it 🤣). Design 2021 was the first time that I saw the bigger vision for my business. I was stuck in the fog of the day-to-day. At the start of last December before Design (and pre joining M2C) I was sitting at 15.7k (made over 8 months). Since then, I've made 61.5k and counting. There is a VERY clear pre-Samantha and post-Samantha line in my business and I couldn't be more grateful... It's so fun to think where I was this time last year compared to where I am now. Me and my business are unrecognizable."
"Design 2021 gave me the organization and focus to start off 2021 with a clear path. It also catapulted me to join Mama to CEO which added the consistency and coaching needed to sustain the focus. I had made $4500 in 2020 and set the goal at Design 2021 to make $45000 in 2021. It sounded so fun and it sure was- currently at $80K with time to spare so will finish the year with that goal doubled. I know Samantha Siffring will deliver once again... let's do it again!"
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